Click here for the updated timetable for bus 184, which runs through Holcombe, Coleford, Mells and Great Elm. The changes are to the connecting buses to & from Bath from 28 April -

Bus Timetable


Refuse and Waste Management

Someset Waste Partnership manages recycling and waste services on behalf of Mendip District Council. Holcombe Village refuse, recycling and garden waste collections are designated on Tuesdays.

Check out the website: 

Refuse and/or Recycling Collection Dates

Recycling is collected weekly and refuse is collected fortnightly, click here for the link to the Refuse & Recycling Collection Calendar.

Garden Waste Collection Dates

Garden waste is collected fortnightly, click here for the link to the 
Garden Waste Collection Calendar.

Village Agent

Holcombe Emergency Plan

In extreme conditions such as heavy snow and flooding, there is a possibility that the emergency services may not be able to reach the scene immediately. In such circumstances, the initial response may rely entirely on local people. To co-ordinate such activity, some councils have formulated a Community Emergency Plan to help their community to prepare for an emergency and reduce its impact. The idea is that local communities may know about particular hazards and problems that affect an area, be aware of individuals who might need assistance in an emergency, and have access to people, resources or buildings that allow them to respond more effectively to specific incidents.

There is no statutory requirement for such a plan; however it is good practice and so we have created the Holcombe Parish Council Emergency Plan. As a small village, our Emergency Plan is a simple document. However, in the event of extreme snow, flooding, a prolonged loss of power, a serious traffic accident or other emergency, local people may be required to provide an initial level of support.

Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch is a scheme to allow volunteers to monitor the speed of passing vehicles using a hand-held speed detection device. The volunteers record the details of vehicles which are exceeding the speed limit by around 10%. These details are passed to the Police, who will issue a letter to the vehicle owner, advising them of the dangers of speeding, and reminding them of the law. If three letters are issued to the same vehicle owner, the Police carry out further investigation. Community Speed Watch may only reduce vehicle speeds when the volunteers are present at the road side. However, there should be a significant effect on vehicle drivers who receive letters as a result of exceeding the speed limit. Other drivers may continue to reduce their speeds at all times, as they might expect Speed Watch to return to the same place, or appear in another area of the village. Do you want to help stop speeding in Holcombe? Volunteer for Speed Watch now.

Reducing vehicle speeds increases safety because:

  • The vehicle has travelled less distance before the driver can react to a hazard

  • Breaking distance is reduced, so the vehicle can stop more quickly before a hazard

  • A slower moving vehicle will exert less energy on occupants as the vehicle rapidly changes speed on impact (crashes)

  • A slower moving vehicle will transfer less energy to a pedestrian in the event of a collision.