Who are the Councillors?


A Councillor is a member of the Parish or Town Council and is normally elected for a term of four years. All Parish and Town Councils are elected in full every 4 years, at the same time as the District Council elections. It may be that a vacancy arises on the Council between the full election cycle, and in this case a by-election may be called. For those elected at a by-election or by co-option during the four year term, their term of office may be anything up to the full four years.

A Parish or Town Councillor may be affiliated to one of the political parties, or can stand as an independent (not affiliated). What Parish and Town Councillors do all have in common is an active interest in their local community and a concern for it. Much of the role of the Parish or Town Councillor will be in representing and dealing with the issues of those who elected them, and considering the business of the Council through its formal meetings. Depending on the way the Council organizes its business it may form committees to deal with specific areas of council business, such as playing field or village hall committee

Responsibilities and Contact details

Cllr. Graham Crowe

Chairman / Finance working party / Playing Field representative / Highways

Email: graham.crowe@holcombepc.org.uk

Cllr. Philip Gait

Vice Chairman / Finance working party / SALC Representative

Email: philip.gait@holcombepc.org.uk

Cllr. Simon Brand

Community Project Fund working party / Finance working party / Rights of Way / Planning

Email: simon.brand@holcombepc.org.uk

Cllr. Anne Golledge

Village Hall Representative / Cemetery

Email: anne.golledge@holcombepc.org.uk

Cllr. Peter Jennings


Email: peter.jennings@holcombepc.org.uk

Cllr. Susan Robinson

PCSO / PACT / Community Project Fund working group

Email: susan.robinson@holcombepc.org.uk