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Holcombe Parish Council
Fields around Holcombe Village


The Parish Council does not have the power to take decisions about planning applications, but it does make recommendations to Somerset Council. When a Planning Application is made to Somerset Council it is forwarded to the Parish Council. Planning Applications will be considered one at a time and discussed by the Parish Council. A proposal will be put forward to either recommend refusal of the Planning Application and the reasons for this, or, if there are no planning reasons to refuse, a motion to 'Recommend the Application' will be proposed. The Committee's third option is to request that the Somerset Council's Case Officer decides without any Parish Council recommendation. The Parish Councillors will then vote on the proposal.

If you feel strongly about an application, you are very welcome to come along to the relevant meeting and ideally also submit your comments directly to Somerset Council via their website. The Planning Department takes notice of all comments it receives, as well as the content of the comments. If a group of residents feel the same way about an application, it is more effective to write separate letters in your own words than to use the same wording.

Planning Applications

You may check the situation of a Planning Application with Somerset Council by following this link: Planning. If you decide to submit a planning application, you are advised to monitor your application on the planning area of the Somerset Council website. It is recommended that you also monitor forthcoming Parish Council meeting Agendas.

​Planning Procedures - Is Planning Permission Required?

Advice on Planning Permission is available on the Government's website Planning Permission and it provides a very useful interactive guide for householders requiring advice on the need for planning permission. For enquiries relating to 'Householder' development, an informal opinion regarding the need for planning permission can be obtained verbally by contacting the Duty Planner or in writing by completing the Is Planning Permission Required Form.

Holcombe Village Design Statement

In 2006 the Planning Board of Mendip District Council, endorsed the Holcombe Village Design Statement as "a material for planning consideration".